My Beer Journey



This page is dedicated to things I use to keep track of my journey through the world of craft beer.

Note: Over the past year I’ve been drinking way more homebrew than craft beer. As such, while I haven’t been adding nearly as much commercial craft beers to my official lists, I’ve been sampling some world class homebrews and don’t regret reigning in my desire to go out of my way to try as many commercially brewed beers as possible. However, to keep my you as updated as possible on the craft beers that I’ve been drinking I’ve replaced the beer counter on my homepage with a link to my Untappd profile.

Beers Tried Counter.001Click here to see the spreadsheets that I use to keep track of the beers that I’ve tried (as of 6/06/15) Note: A long my craft beer journey I have forgotten to put some beers on my list, but this one represents the overwhelming majority of them. Also 1) I don’t always record vintages as new beers. Rather on my master list I keep track of the most recent vintage that I’ve drank 2) The “Date Last Drank” column of the first spreadsheet is rarely updated i.e. I usually only update it when I add a new beer. 3I don’t always record variations on beers, such as those served on cask. 4) I often wait to upload my spreadsheets until I have 25 beers to add and have a separate ‘Beers Tried Recently’ spreadsheet that I update as I try new beers. Beer # 1600 – Victory D’Town Rye IPA

Note: Lately I’ve been drinking more homebrew than craft beer. As such, while I haven’t been adding nearly as much commercial craft beers to my list, I’ve been sampling some world class homebrews over the past couple years and don’t regret reigning in my desire to go out of my way to try as many commercially brewed beers as possible.

11/28/15: I hope to update my list soon…I keep a separate list while waiting to updated my official beers tried list. The following are the beers that I’ve tried for the first time since the last time I posted an official update.

Oud Beersel Oude Kriek Vielle

Black Acre Sour Golden Ale

Victory Sour Monkey

Lost Nation Lamoille Bretta

Anchorage The Tide and Its Takers

Lindemins Cuvee Rene

Beanery Coffee IPA

Jack’s Abby Framinghammer

Jack’s Abbey Barrel Aged Framinghammer

Carton Carton of Mik

Leipziger Gose

Avery Rufus

Deschutes Black Butte XXVI

Lawsons Shhhhhhhhhh….. Double IPA

The Bruery Cuir

Trillium Fort Point Pale Ale

Trillium DDH Fort Point Pale Ale

Strange Breakfast Grapefruit IPA

Trillium Sleeper Street IPA

Trillium Congress Street

Strange 1000 Barrels Double IPA

Crooked Stave Passionfruit

Modern Times Empty Hats Flemish Red?

Avery Odio Equum

Oskar Blues Pinner

Sweetwater Hash Brown

Ballast Point Grunion

Hair of The Dog Michael 2012

The Bruery Sour In The Rye

Jack’s Abby Coffee Barrel Aged Framinghammer

Tired Hands HopHands

Tired Hands SaisonHands

Victory Hoppy Quad

Victory Vital IPA

Other Half Foodre Joose #2

Oskar Blues IPA

Lagunitas Censored

Switchback Citra-Pils

Firestone Walker Helldorado

Brooklyn Lord Sorachi

Brooklyn Mal du Pays

Brooklyn Insulated Dark Lager

Russian River Sonoma Pride Amasa

Russian River Sonoma Pride Dauenhauer

Tree House Eureka

Heartland Harvest Festbier

The Bruery Mash

Three Floyds War Mullet

Allagash Tiarna #1773


Living in the hot bed of amazing New York craft breweries and New York City craft beer beers has its advantages which have come to appreciate more and more as I develop my beer palate . As such, part of my dedication to craft beer advocacy is supporting and advocating for them to the best of my ability.


NY Breweries Listing

Brewpubs and Beer Bars (all of NY)

Recommended Websites:

My Current Top 5 NYC Beer Bars:

  1. Blind Tiger Ale House
  2. Proletariat 
  3. Mugs Ale House
  4. Covenhoven
  5. Beer Culture

Recommended places to buy craft beer in NYC:

  1. New Beer Distributors (167 Chrystie St. NY, NY)
  2. Beer Culture (328 West 45th St. NY, NY)
  3. Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room (95 East Houston St. NY, NY)
  4. Flair Beverage (3857 9th Ave between 206th St & 207th St)
 NYC’s Newest Homebrewing Club
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 3.00.07 PM

1 Response to My Beer Journey

  1. Mike says:

    Barry, you are one beer drinking foo. I appreciate the serious work you are putting into your blog. Thanks for the entertainment. Your twitter stream @bitzybrew is retweeting bogus tweets from a site called Craft Brew Advocate. Your retweeting engine must be picking up on “craft brew”. Check them out at Kill their content.

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