NYC’s Newest Craft Brewery: Singlecut Beersmiths

TBP Podcast Episode 004: Extended Cut of my interview with Singlecut Beersmiths’ founder and brewmaster Rich Buceta:

On Thursday, December 20th I headed to Astoria, Queens to check out New York City’s newest craft brewery Singlecut Beersmiths . While hanging out with the brewery’s founder Rich Buceta my goal was to obtain as much information as possible about his beers, what lead up to the brewery’s opening on December 8th, and his plans for the upcoming months. Between the above video and podcast episode I believe that I achieved that goal and am happy to share what I learned with you. In turn, I’d like to join the NYC craft beer community in welcoming Singlecut Beersmiths into our community and to the American craft beer industry (scene).

The following topics are discussed in this podcast episode:

  • Rich’s “craft beer story” and brewing history
  • Construction of the brewery and preparation for opening on Dec. 8, 2012
  • Choosing which beers to first release upon opening Singlecut Beersmiths
  • Singlecut barrel program – Jamaican rum barrels
  • Finding a site for the brewery – reasons why Rich chose Astoria, Queens
  • Tasting Room – combining the brewery staff’s love for beer and music
  • Brewhouse specs – inspiration behind starting with a 30bbl brewhouse
  • Flagship Beer – 19-33 Lagrrr (Czech/German Pilsner)
  • Reasons behind Rich’s choice to specialize in lagers
  • Dean Pacific Northwest Mahogany Ale – Red IPA
  • Singlecut Beersmith’s self distribution – “Embracing the whole craft beer industry”
  •  New Beer! – Olympic White Lager, brewed w/ spices and matzoh meal – Kegged Dec 20th (while I was at the brewery)
  • Beers in the works
  • Plans for the upcoming months
  • Welcoming Rich and Singlesmiths in the NYC craft beer community  and American craft beer scene

In an upcoming post: Reviews of 19-33 Lagrrr, Dean Pacific Northwest Mahogany Ale, and Olympic White Lager.



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