Homebrew Update and Beer Mail

Prior to posting my HBW footage from last week’s Mystery Brew event at Bitter and Esters (local NY homebrew shop) I thought I should give you guys an update on my Breakfast Stout and show you some beers and coffee (from Pablo’s Coffee) that I got from my friend Zack from Chain Reaction Brewing Company. Cheers!

The Brewed Palate thanks its new partner Bitter and Esters and sponsor Yakima Valley Hops (see sidebar).


About The Brewed Palate - Barry

NJ (formerly NYC) based home brewer and craft beer enthusiast sharing his brewing and imbibing adventures on thebrewedpalate.com. "Spreading the messages of craft beer one palate at a time."
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2 Responses to Homebrew Update and Beer Mail

  1. mouldsbeerblog says:

    Great beermail, those beers look pretty awesome!

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