Homebrew Wednesday #4: Bottling My Breakfast Stout

Part One

Lots of updates this week. In this week’s Homebrew Wednesday I talk about the Brew Tubers / Homebrew Wednesday promo video, bottling of my breakfast stout, upcoming homebrews and beer reviews, and a new homebrew related project.

Chain Reaction Brewing Company 

Part Two

In this video I show you how I prepared and chose the coffee that I added to my Breakfast Stout…After cold pressing three coffee blends from Pablo’s Coffee (Denver, Colorado) and tasting each one in a 4oz sample of beer; I added 10oz of their Black Label blend to the 4 gallons of stout that I racked from my secondary fermenter into my bottling bucket. I should note that after scaling up the 1 teaspoon of coffee that I added to a 4oz sample of beer from my gravity sample my calculator said 14.5oz. However, I chose to add 10oz in order to make sure that the coffee wouldn’t overtake the beer or take long to become a balanced flavor within the base beer.

Coffee Preparation (Cold Brewing and Adding To Beer):

  1. On the day before you bottle your beer…Grind 2 cups of beans using a course setting on your grinder and add the grounds to a sanitized 2 quart mason jar.
  2. Fill the mason jar most of the way with filtered cold water and stir well to make sure all the grounds get wet then top up the jar to the fill line and screw on the lid. Optional: After 5 minutes open the lid and stir again.
  3. Put the jar in your refrigerator for 12-24 hours to cold steep.
  4. On bottling day…Put a strainer on top of a sanitized mixing bowl or large measuring cup and then put a paper coffee filter into the strainer.
  5. Slowly filter the coffee…While the coffee is filtering / draining wash out your mason jar and re-sanitize it.
  6. Pour the collected coffee back into your mason jar.
  7. In order to figure out how much coffee you need to add to your beer…Add 1 teaspoon of coffee at a time to a 4oz sample of beer (e.g. your gravity sample) until you reach your desired amount of coffee flavor.
  8. To scale that amount up to the amount that you’ll need for your beer…1 oz of coffee = 3 tsp…So as an example: 1 tsp in 4oz = 1/36. 5 gallons = 640oz / 36 = 17.8oz
  9. Add scaled up amount to your bottling bucket.

All questions about brewing with coffee are welcome. Cheers!

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