TBP Presents: Almanac Beer Co.’s Jesse Friedman @ Blind Tiger Ale House

10635718_761573803889617_5419499812262815897_nOn Wednesday September 17, 2014 I headed downtown to yet another special brewery feature event at Blind Tiger Ale House, this time welcoming Almanac Beer Co. to New York City. Upon arriving Katherine, Blind Tiger’s manager still was sure certain if any of the Almanac brewers would be attending this event. However, after sampling some great Almanac sours I was informed that one of them was on his way. That brewer was co-founder / brewmaster Jesse Friedman. After introducing myself I asked him if he’d be willing to step outside for an interview once he grabbed a beer and got settled and he happily agreed to do so…For those who have access to and or have already tried and enjoyed Almanac’s wide range of beers, this interview will give you some great background information about the brewers themselves, their beers, and future plans.  If you like sour and or barrel aged beers this video / podcast is also for you (even if you don’t have access to Almanac Beer Co.’s beers). Cheers!

For those who prefer to listen to the interview instead of watching it:

Topics Covered:

  • History and philosophy of Almanac Beer Co..
  • Where they brew their beers and how they’ve grown into their shared space (dedicated fermenters and 1,000 barrels).
  • How they keep all there barrels organized, aged at the correct temperature, and tested throughout the aging process for off flavors.
  • Almanac’s house sour culture.
  • The importance of blending barrels to achieve the flavor profile that they’re looking for.
  • Almanac’s “clean” beers – Almanac IPA and Saison Dolores
  • What inspired Almanac Beer Co. (a small brewery) to take the leap and decide to distribute to NYC (a large tap focused market).
  • Intermission (audio podcast only): The Brewed Palate’s sponsors
  • Jesse and Damian’s (founders of Almanac) homebrewing roots: Importance of joining a homebrewing club (they met at a SF homebrewing club meeting), developing Almanac Beer Co. recipes, and Jesse’s early homebrews.
  • Future plans for Almanac: fall beers (Dark Pumpkin Sour and Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine), upcoming beers, and aim to open a tasting room in San Francisco.
  • Ending credits…

Coming up next on The Brewed Palate: Mosaic Wet Hopped Ale Brew Day


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