My Beer Glassware Collection Part Two

As a craft beer geek I’ve come to enjoy having a large collection of glassware. In this video I show and talk about the portion of my collection that I use more regularly i.e. the glasses that that I keep in my NYC apartment. In order to organize the wopping 42  glasses in apartment, in this video I split them up into Snifters, Mugs, and Stemmed Glasses, and Miscellaneous Glasses. (Note: 2 glasses are missing from this video: My Mondial De La Biere festival 2010 glass, and a small Blanche De Bruxelles frosted wheat beer shaped glass).

While one does not need more than one of each type of glass, having multiples can serve the following functions. First many craft beer drinkers enjoy buying a glass when they visit a brewery as a memento to remember the experience of going to that brewery. I can definitely identify with this reason. Following suit drinking a beer out of the glass from its brewery or assigned style (or group of styles) can add a sense of authenticity to the overall drinking experience. Lastly, when friends and family come over and beer is being served, it is important that you aren’t the only one drinking out of the correct glassware.

For more info. on the debate around glassware choices and the function/s of various types of glassware click here . I agree with the author of this article that the tulip glass is the most versatile glass amongst the plethora of different shaped glasses.


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