Midday Flight of Beers @ Rattle n Hum


Nebraska IPA (7% ABV, 65 IBUs) – Having enjoyed a bunch of Nebraska Brewing Company beers in the past I was excited to try this one. It poured a golden color with an amber hue. The aroma was chock full of juicy hops with notes of citrus fruits and fresh flowers. While I didn’t pick up much maltiness in the aroma it came through in the taste and accented the orange and mango flavors from the hops with semi-sweet caramel. As I sipped this great IPA the floral aspects of the hop profile became more prominent and helped round out the flavor profile. Overall the bitterness was moderate and while the ABV was noticeable, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this great beer. Rating: 8/10

Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA (5.9% ABV) – Described as a “West Coast-Style India Pale Ale using a combination of Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe and Columbus hops.” This beer was light orange in color and I have to admit the initial aroma worried me. Meaning, I picked up some notes of diacetyl (butterscotch) and a lack of the citrus notes that I was expecting out the hops used. In some cases these issues can be caused by a dirty tap line and or the age of the beer (especially important in IPAs). As I drank more of this beer I eventually picked up some flavors that are characteristic of West Coast IPAs i.e. notes of citrus, pine, and sweet bread. Being that this beer is a new addition to Weyerbacher’s year round line-up I hope to try a bottle of it and reassess how much I like it. Rating: 5/10 (average). Weyerbacher Brewing Company donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every drop of Last Chance IPA to small, regional animal rescue operations.  These shelters offer dogs, cats and other pets their last chance to find a new home.  Have a glass, make a difference!”

Dupont Posca Rustica (8% ABV) – Categorized as both a Traditional Ale (Ratebeer) and Scottish Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale (Beer Advocate), I chose this beer because its brewery is known for great belgian ales. It poured a shade darker than straw and boasted a strong aroma similar to that of a witbier or hefeweizen. Meaning, its aroma consisted of big notes of bubblegum, banana, and hay. In the taste the banana and bubblegum notes played a large role and made up the sweetness of the beer. The finish was my favorite part of this beer in that as the banana and bubblegum flavors faded I picked up hints of clove, earthiness, and freshly baked bread. Overall, while I haven’t tried many beers of this style, I enjoyed Posca Rustica’s characteristically belgian flavors and found it to be quite drinkable for an 8% ABV beer. Rating: 7/10

Weyerbacher Heresy (8.2% ABV) – To end this flight of beers I chose this Russian Imperial Stout. Before admiring its tan head and opaque black body I gave it a whiff and knew right away that I was in for a treat. I was met with huge notes of milk chocolate and espresso coffee that blended together quite well. Following through into the taste, this beer’s complexity was made up of the coffee and chocolate from the aroma along with a unique dark fruit flavor and some roasted malt notes. Overall this beer was a pleasure to drink and if you’re into stouts it is definitely a must try. Rating 8/10 (just shy of a 9/10). 

Rattle n Hum is located on 33rd Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.


About Barry W

Israel (formerly NJ) based sourdough baker and fermentation enthusiasts sharing his baking, fermenting, cooking, and brewing adventures on thebrewedpalate.com.
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