Quick Review: Weihenshephaner Pilsner

Having tried many great beers from the Weihenstephan Brewery, I was excited to find this beer on tap at Buddha Beer Bar, a New York City beer bar. Pouring a crystal clear straw color with a thin white head, this German Pilsner’s aroma was chock full of noble hop character and sweet pilsner malts. In simpler terms, it was reminiscent of lemon, fresh cut grass from the hops, and sweet yet crisp bready malt. While the aroma keyed me into just how spot on this beer is for its style (German Pilsner), it was its taste that let me know that I have to seek it out in bottle form to keep in my fridge over the summer. Perfumey German hops mixed with just enough pilsner malt flavor to make for a clean and deliciously refreshing all around sessionable beer. It was its bright hop character that made me think that this beer could cause the average craft drinker to take few minutes to consider the potential of lower ABV beers i.e. their place in one’s list of go to beer styles. Meaning, the light body of a pilsner doesn’t necessarily mean that specific examples of the style (such as this beer) can’t have the “wow factor” that many of us beer geeks continuously look for. As such, if you have yet to try this beer I would recommend doing so ASAP. Rating 8/10


About Barry W

Israel (formerly NJ) based sourdough baker and fermentation enthusiasts sharing his baking, fermenting, cooking, and brewing adventures on thebrewedpalate.com.
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