The Brew Palate Update 12/11/12

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After leaving the craft beer blogging scene for a year and a half to concentrate on my graduate studies; I chose to return with a new blog that would fit my current schedule and view on today’s craft beer scene. Hence, The Brewed Palate, a craft beer blog where I put my own spin on covering various topics related to craft beer. In turn, I hope to spark the curiosity of craft drinkers of all experience levels and motivate them to seek out ways in which they can learn more about what makes craft beer special.

Despite posting on my “own schedule” i.e. not as regularly as most blogs; I have recently realized that I need to post somewhat regularly in order to maintain a consistent amount of blog views. In other words…In order to really spread my perspective of the craft beer scene I need to post often enough to keep craft beer drinkers interested in my views. This realization was sparked by my three most recent blog posts; my Founders Bolt Cutter review, interview of Founders Brewing Company’s Mike Stevens, and Cigar City Brewing Co. trio of reviews. All of which have gotten more views than previous posts and inspired me to continue coming up with ideas for future posts.

I should note that after receiving positive feedback on my interview of Mike Stevens I have decided to name my interviews and audio event coverage “The Brewed Palate Podcast”. So far I have three episodes in the works. The first will be my coverage of Blind Tiger Ale House‘s Stone Vertical Epic 12.12.12 event, the second will be an interview of Untappd‘s co-founder and CTO Greg Avola, and the third episode in the works is an interview and beer tasting with Stillwater Artisanal Ales founder and brewmaster Brian Strumke.

Beyond the text beers reviews that you’ve seen so far on The Brewed Palate, I hope to include reviews within podcast episodes and possibly film and then post an occasional video beer review. Some upcoming reviews are Stone Brewing Co.’s Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA, Black Boss Porter (a Polish baltic porter), and Blue Mountain Dark Hollow Imperial Stout.

Upon looking at the picture above you may have asked yourself the following question. Why are Firestone Walker Parabola and Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Golden Blend included in the line up of bottles? Well…during the week and especially over the weekend I crack open some special beers that I’ve either purchased recently or been aging in my cellar. Last Monday I celebrated with a friend of mine who got into two dental schools by opening the Oude Gueuze Golden Blend (2011). I found it to be quite complex and balanced for a gueuze with a great blend of funk, lemon and green apple tartness, and spicy earthiness. If I get the chance to pick up another bottle I’ll probably age it to allow the funkiness and tartness to develop and intensify. Next, this past Friday night I opened a 2011 bottle of Firestone Walker Parabola to see how it’s aging (I still have another bottle in my cellar). When I first tried this vintage soon after its release I found the body a bit too viscous for me. Though that was most likely due to be splitting the bottle with my brother and 11oz of it may have been too much for my palate to handle at the time. The aged bottle was split between my two brothers and I. After taking a few sips I found the body to have become a bit less viscous and that the flavors had mellowed quite nicely. There was still a great blend of dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla, oak, and toffee, but the characteristic coconut flavor present in fresh bourbon barrel aged stouts (including Parabola) had faded into the overall complex flavor profile and was not distinctly recognizable. I therefore will probably not age my remaining bottle for too much longer so that I can ensure that the flavors I love in this beer will retain their strength and wow factor.

If you have any suggestions for future reviews, podcast episodes, and or videos please comment on this post. I’m looking forward to sharing many more of my craft beer experiences with you in the near future. Cheers!


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