TBP Podcast Ep. 006 John Holl: Jack of all trades in craft beer journalism

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On Tuesday, January 15, 2013 I met up with John Holl, a craft beer journalist who has published articles in many well known beer publications including Ale Street News, Beer Connoisseur Magazine, and the Oxford Companion To Beer and co-authored 2 craft beer books. His extensive beer writing experience has impressed me ever since I first met him a few years ago. So in this episode I asked him questions not only about his writing, but also about his view of the NYC craft beer scene, the growth of American craft beer, and the role of beer journalists and blogger nowadays.

The following topics are discussed in this podcast episode:

  • How he got into craft beer
  • What brought him to becoming a full time beer writer / journalist
  • Overview of which beer publications he writes for nowadays
  • How John got onto NBC (channel 4) news to talk about craft beer
  • John’s 2 beer books and his entries in the Oxford Companion To Beer
  • His latest book “The American Craft Beer Cookbook” (August 2013)
  • John’s opinion on the growth of the NYC craft beer scene
  • His perspective on the recent growth of American craft beer…
  • Important messages for those openings craft breweries nowadays
  • Pitfalls in the pursuit of rare beers – beer geek / beer snob
  • Role of craft beer bloggers and journalists now that craft beer has begun to catch on in America
  • Honest and knowledgeable beer writing / blogging – what it takes to be a good beer writer
  • The future of American craft beer





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