The Brewed Palate Presents: Bitter & Esters Homebrew Shop

On October, 23, 2013 I went to Bitter and Esters homebrew shop in Brooklyn, NY for an event entitled Mystery Brew. Once the Mystery ingredient was revealed the Bitter and Esters staff poured some of the other beers that they had on tap from previous events and brewing experiments, and the atmosphere morphed from suspense and anxiousness to jovial conversation amongst like minded beer enthusiasts and homebrewers. Then after things settled down a bit I pulled Doug and John, the owners of Bitter and Esters’ aside for an interview about the event and their great home-brew shop. Being that this was my first time there, both the event and interview convinced me to make Bitter and Esters my go to LHBS (Local Home-Brew Shop). Cheers to Doug, John, and the Bitter and Esters staff for putting on such a successful and educational event!



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