Smuttynose Week Part 3: Big A IPA (Hops Deliver A Knockout Punch)

After the Finest Kind IPA Patrick and I decided to first drink the 3 hop forward beers that he brought for the tasting and then move onto the malt forward beers that he brought from Smuttynose’s Big Beer Series. For our second beer we chose Big A IPA, Smuttynose’s Double IPA, which since it’s initial release has received great reviews and a awards such as the 2010 CAMRA Michael Jackson Award for best American Cask Ale at the Great British Beer Festival. In this video we taste the beer, pair it with a mild cheddar cheese, and discuss the story behind the vintage boxer photo on the beer’s label.

Stats: 9.8% ABV 120 IBUs
Available September through January in 4-packs and on draft in 1/6 and 1/2 barrel kegs.

Stay tuned for the tasting of 4 more Smuttynose beers…Next Up: Durty: Muddy Season Hoppy Brown Ale

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