Smuttynose Beer Week Part Five: Barleywine Ale 2013 (Big Beer Series)

After enjoying Durty, Smuttynose’s latest release, Patrick and I moved on to tasting 3 beers from their Big Beer Series. Big in terms of both alcohol content and complexity of flavor. Additionally, all of the beers in this series are bottled in 22oz bottles to promote a shared drinking experience…Since we were transitioning off of the more hop forward beers we choose to first try Smuttynose’s Barleywine, an English Barleywine with a bit of an American hop kick. In this video we taste the beer, pair it with cheddar cheese, and discuss ways to best cellar beers especially barleywines which are known for aging quite well.

Stats (2013): 10.8% ABV, ? IBUs

Stay tuned for the tasting of 2 more Smuttynose beers…Next Up: Baltic Porter

For More Info Visit:
Smuttynose Brewing Company’s website
Track the construction of Smuttynose’s new brewery


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