Homebrew Wednesday 60: Panning For Updates


After not posting an HBW video last week I chose to film a quick update video with my phone before heading out to my LHBS’ monthly bottle swap (1st Wednesday of every month). The name for this episode was inspired by my awkwardly panning my phone around between each update/topic. Cheers and HHBW!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Intro including a beer related t-shirt that my wife got me for our recent anniversary.
  • New cam-lock quick disconnects that I bought from brewhardware.com (links below).
  • Dry hopping my rye IPA aka Millennium Falcon w/ Falconer’s Flight and Columbus hops. Gravity prior to dry hopping was 1.015 or 6.45% abv
  • Bottling of my Tart Tense dry hopped sour saison (discussion, not actually bottling of the beer).
  • Which beers I brought to the Bitter and Esters August bottle swap: Tradition, Tradition Hefeweizen, Tart Tense Saison, and The Innkeeper Barleywine…I’ll be posting tasting notes on all three beers ASAP.
  • My next beer: Gorbachev’s Gift Russian Imperial Stout – testing out my new Ss mash tun and cam-lock quick disconnects.

Episode related links:

Full Ss Brewtech 10 Gallon Kettle review  Bitter and Esters (my LHBS)
Brew Hardware (BobbyfromNJ’s shop)  Brew Hardware video: Stretching Silicone Tubing over Over-sized Hose Barbs

About Barry W

NJ (formerly NYC) based home brewer and fermented food enthusiast sharing his brewing, cooking, and baking adventures on thebrewedpalate.com.
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