Going All Grain: Homebrewing in my NYC Apartment


The Holy Inn Brewing Company: When coming up with a home a name for my “home-brewery” I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be the only one who could understand the significance of the name. Or at least have it be a name that could easily be explained to family members and friends who know my wife and I well. The name I chose relates to my Jewish / Hasidic roots and interests, a common in theme Hasidic stories, and my enjoyment of have friends and family over for beer and good times. My roots are mainly Polish in that 3 of my 4 grandparents made there way to America after being born in Poland (former home of many Hasidic communities) after surviving the Holocaust. Ever since visiting Poland in 2005 I’ve developed a keen interest in studying hasidic literature and history. In turn, many Hasidic tales from times when European Jews lived in small villages the rabbi of the village and his followers stop at an inn on their way to a far away village or city. While at the inn they encounter people eating and drinking and sometimes the most down trodden looking person there ends up being someone quite holy and spiritually inspiring. Therefore, one of my primary goals for my “home-brewery” is to have my beers be part of and never completely separate from my other interests that bring more meaning to my life. In essence, it should serve as a “Holy Inn”.

My Brewing Equipment:    

Check out these links for the videos that I followed while building my mash tun: Part One Part Two

The parts I used are the following:

1/2in CPVC pipe

5 1/2in CPVC 90 degree elbows

3 1/2 CPVC T-joints

1 1/2 female CPVC adapter

1 brass ball valve (2 female ends)

1 Watts 1/2 in brass pipe fitting (LFA-835)

1 3/4 in flat washer

2 o-rings 3/4″ I.D., 15/16″ O.D.

1  1/2″ ID x 1/2 in MIP hose barb adapter (Watts LFA-385)

For my boil kettle so far I bought and installed a weldless conversion kit (ball valve and weldless bulkhead) and a stainless steel elbow / pipe nipple combo (dip tube) from Bargainfittings.com



About Barry W

Israel (formerly NJ) based sourdough baker and fermentation enthusiasts sharing his baking, fermenting, cooking, and brewing adventures on thebrewedpalate.com.
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