The Holy Inn Brewing Company Presents: Lion’s Roar Pilsner Brew Day

In this FULL LENGTH brew day I take you along while I brew my first lager, a bohemian pilsner inspired by Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s Pivo Pils, which I’ve dubbed Lion’s Roar Pilsner. As some of you make know Firestone Walker’s logo has a bear and and lion facing each other. As I do for all of my Holy Inn Brewing Company beers…While deciding what to name this beer I thought of lion references within Judaism and two stuck out. The first was the Jerusalem lion, a sign of strength, loyalty, and dignity. Firestone Walker in my opinion embodies those qualities by being dedicated to brewing the best beer that they can. The second was the use of the lion’s roar as a metaphor for always being ready for opportunities physical, emotional, and spiritual growth; all while remaining humble and selfless. Pilsners are know for being light and refreshing, almost humble beers that are there to quench one’s thirst for a refreshing beer. But then there are those that stand out and show that craft brewers have brewed pilsners that are a bit more boldly flavored, and yet seem to remain refreshing. Pivo Pils is one of those outstanding examples of a pilsner and has recently become a favorite beer of mine. Hence, for my first lager I chose to brew a beer inspired by it in order to try to replicate it’s bold hop aroma and flavor and smooth malt backbone.

I hope this video inspires you to brew lagers. They may be hard to brew and require patience while they’re fermenting and lagering, but taking opportunities like this to grow as a brewer will allow you to continue mastering additional brewing skills in the future. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.10.45 PM

Note: I have not measured my final gravity yet.


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