Homebrew Wednesday 55: So many hop varieties…So little time.

11203534_903028889720157_2981532926645248394_oAfter filming the ending clip of my recent Grain To Glass video I decided to turn my camera back on and film myself talking about what else I’ve been up to lately. A good portion of which involves a show and tell about my most recent hops order from Yakima Valley Hops. Enjoy and Cheers!

Episode Notes:

  • Introduction: Why I don’t post weekly Homebrew Wednesday videos.
  • My recent beer and cheese tasting: On May 7th I hosted a beer and cheese tasting at my apartment and paired four cheeses from The Cheese Guy with four beers. The pairings were…Fresh Mozzarella w/ Weihenstephaner Hefe-weissbier, Swiss w/ Brooklyn Sorachi Ace saison, Bell’s Two Hearted IPA with aged Cheddar, and Gouda w/ Founders Porter. I enjoyed all of the pairings, but the fresh mozzarella was too mild tasting when matched up against the phenols and esters of the hefeweizen. Next time I’ll pair it with goat cheese or brie. Brent aka The Cheese Guy also recommended that I include a fifth “wild card” cheese when I host tastings in order to provide a contrasting pairing option.
  • Monthly Beer Swap @ Bitter and Esters: At the May 2015 beer swap I won my second people’s choice pint glass after the majority of those in attendance voted my pilsner as their favorite beer of the night.
  • Suds In Solidarity / Brewnity: On May 17th I attend a homebrew event which raised money for 3 local NYC beer bars (e.g. Jimmys No. 43) that were affected by the recent East Village fire / building collapse. Video coming soon…
  • My Next Beer: This coming Sunday (May 31st) I’ll be brewing a saison and fermenting it with The Yeast Bay’s Farmhouse Sour Ale blend. Once it’s ready I’ll be bottling it instead of kegging it so that I can age it and avoid introducing lactobacillus into my beer lines.
  • NEW! Hop Varieties from Yakima Valley Hops: I show you which varieties I got and talk about why I chose them. Check out their website (link above) for information on all the hop varieties that I mention in this episode.
  • Upcoming beers: Tradition, Tradition! Hefeweizen, Millenium Falcon IPA, Satiator Doppelbock, Approved Emancipation Russian Imperial Stout.
  • Closing thoughts…

Cheers and Keep on brewing!!!


About Barry W

Israel (formerly NJ) based sourdough baker and fermentation enthusiasts sharing his baking, fermenting, cooking, and brewing adventures on thebrewedpalate.com.
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