Fighting the Fall / Winter Chill w/ Seasonal Craft Beers

As the temperature begins to dip in the Fall craft beer drinkers worldwide begin their drinking of higher ABV, malt forward beers. For many Fall seasonal beers begin with pumpkin ales and oktoberfest beers. However, this year I found myself beginning the colder weather months with drinking roastier beers such as brown ales, porters, and especially imperial stouts. In fact right now I have three imperial stouts in my fridge; Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Founders Breakfast Stout, and Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout.

While you may think that this trend is limited to American craft beers. Higher ABV beers from countries like Belgium and Germany are perfect for various situations during the colder months of the year… The following is a list of beer styles that I recommend for this time of year.

  • American Double / Imperial Stouts (pair with desserts)
  • American and English Stouts (oatmeal, milk, dry irish, coffee; pair with desserts and hearty meals)
  • American and English Porters (pair with hearty meals such as beef stew and chili)
  • American and English Brown Ales (pair with colder weather meals and desserts with nuts)
  • American and English Barleywines (pair with hearty / spicy meals and desserts)
  • Old Ales (pair with hearty meals such as Thanksgiving dinner and desserts)
  • Scotch Ales / Wee Heavy (pair with hearty meals and desserts such as apple pie and ginger snap cookies)
  • Belgian Dubbels and Quadrupels (includes Christmas ales) (pair with hearty meals such as Thanksgiving dinner and desserts such as pecan pie and pumpkin pie)
  • Holiday / Spiced Ales (pair with caution as each breweries version of this style can differ significantly)
  • Pumpkin Ales (pair with Thanksgiving dinner and dessert and similar Fall and Winter dishes)
  • German Weizenbock (pair with turkey and cranberry sauce and desserts such as fruit pies and oatmeal cookies)
  • German Doppelbock (pair with hearty meals and desserts that include darker fruits)

Note: the above beer styles can be enjoyed on there own and with the suggested pairings.



About Barry W

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