Sourdough Baking Journal: Roasted Garlic and Chive Foccacia w/ Roasted Tomato-Balsamic sauce

Recipe: For my second go at sourdough focaccia. I followed Maurizio of The Perfect Loaf’s ‘A Simple Focaccia’ recipe. As with my first focaccia (see above), I swapped the all-purpose flour with Tipo “00” flour in order to achieve a chewier/pizza crust like texture. For toppings I used roasted garlic, chives, roasted plum tomatoes, and sliced red onion.3E39AE4A-6F3D-4FB7-9510-C401B0FF37BF

Techniques used: As stated above, I followed Maurizio’s sourdough focaccia recipe for the entirety of this bake. However, I did utilize the overnight option described in his recipe i.e. “Instead of proofing the dough at room temperature for 2 hours, cover the rectangular pan with an airtight cover and transfer to the fridge. The next day, take out the dough and let it come to room temperature and finish proofing.” Upon taking mine out of the fridge I left it out at room temperature for 2 hours to proof and then baked it.

Results: First glance I was not satisfied with how this focaccia turned out. Meaning I felt that it didn’t have enough surfact bubbles and while the bottom browned more than my first focaccia, the top didn’t brown enough. Also, it didn’t seem like it rose enough. However, upon cutting into it and seeing it’s nice looking crumb I realized that despite entering my pan size on the Food Geek’s focaccia recipe page, I probably used his original recipe instead of clicking off the page to an adjusted recipe. Therefore, this focaccia could not have risen as much as its predecessor. Secondly, I probably should have used my starter earlier i.e. 6-8 hours post feeding rather then 10.5. Future planning aside, my family and I deeply enjoyed pairing it with the sauce. I’ll definitely make an accompaniment or two next time I bake a sourdough focaccia…

Roasted Tomato-Balsamic sauce: This off the cuff recipe was put together after speaking about focaccia pairings with my cousin, Chef Seth Warshaw of Etc Steakhouse (Teaneck, NJ) – While I eye-balled the ingredients, I’ve estimated them here in order to share a cohesive recipe. 

Roasted Veggies:

4 plum tomatoes

4 scallions

5 garlic cloves

1 medium-sized red bell pepper

1/2 a large portobello mushroom cap

Additional ingredients:

About an 1/8 of a large red onion

2 tbsp olive oil

3 tbsp balsamic vinegar

S&P to taste


Roast the veggies and then blend/puree them in a food processor with the remaining ingredients until you reach the texture of your liking.


About Barry W

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