Homebrew Wednesday #29: The Farmhouse is Flowing!

As I prepared to brew my 7 Blessing Rye Saison on Sunday 7/6/14 there were several purchases that I had to make and some equipment that needed testing in order to insure that brew day would go as smooth as possible. As such, this Homebrew Wednesday 29 covers most of the prep work that needs / needed to get done. First I go over the recipe and why I chose the yeast strain that I used. Next, I talk about my new wort chilling set up i.e. a submersible pond pump circulation ice water threw my copper wort chiller. Then after coming back from The July bottle swap at Bitter and Esters, I show you the aforementioned purchases and talk about an IPA brewed by John Palmer when he was in New York City in May (same weekend that I interviewed him). Lastly, I wrap up HBW #29 by talking about some other videos that are coming up on The Brewed Palate.


Dan ABA – Sour Beer Expert
Patsfan1284 – Innovate all grain brewing
SJ Porr – Founder of the Homebrew Wednesday movement
Pooka NC – Hoppy beer brewer

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